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What to do when feeling sad

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Take action. Make a list. Sometimes we are overwhelmed. Get things done, maintain perspective. Stuff in our head can overwhelm us. Make a list of things that need to get done. You get things under control. Take action, get started on the first thng you need to do, get started. You will feel better once you have momentum. Exercise, a walk a run, going to gym, Shower and groom yourself, feel clean, it will lift your mood, comb your hear, shave. Get out of the house and do something, staying home can get you done. Play some music, some feelgood music, move to the beat. Talk about it, speak to your friend, even a professional, get it off your chest. Keep smiling.

There are a few ways to deal with sadness and depression. You choose. Some requires medical support. Keep taking your medical support. The place of sadness is as contagious as joy. You adjust your energy to be in vibrational balance with them. Recognize sadness and misery is contagious. Go and be around people who make you want to find your way out of where you are. Visit it enough and it becomes familiar. Loneliness is a root cause of sadness, you are only left with what is in your head. Pull people into your space. Biggest reason for sadness is loneliness. Stay connected. Listen to radio, listen to podcasts, allow people in your physical space. Allow them in your emotional space when you are ready. Text people, tell them you are lonely and thank them for being in your life. Expose your loneliness. Build bridges back to your family, or friends, there is a path to sadness and depression, there is a path out. Sadness is a result of repeated thoughts and address your belief system, those thoughts that tell you 'there is no one in my life', address that with affirmation. Remember who you are, remember the power you have, Get over the overwhelm, the weight gain, remember who you are, know yourself, go find yourself, read affirmations, look for inspirations, re-write them, recite them, put them on post it notes, add them to the mirror you look into. Put up what your deserve, on your refrigerator, your front door. It will remind you who you are, repeat and recite, find your way back to you. Talk to your anger and sadness.

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