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What are your deeper reasons Why?

Updated: Apr 11

Any change in life starts with a reason. You need to be clear on what your reasons for changing are

Why do you want to transform?

If as a coach you are working too hard with a client, it's probably because we haven't covered the reasons why in enough detail yet. It becomes easier to move into fearless action when your reasons why are clear.

The most successful people have a clear reason why they are doing anything. Those who are only focused on What and How, struggle with motivation to make it through to success.

What - Who your ideal customer is, what you deliver, who you deliver it to - your niche

How - How do you attract your tribe, make the offer, close the sale, ask for money, overcome limitations relating to money

Why - The reasons, and the deeper real reasons why you want to do something

Life might seem chaotic and meandering, but your mission should become clear, their interconnectedness and design may only become visible after several changes in different directions. Nothing in your life is random, it all helps, your life has a grand design, and that is a self-fulfilling prophecy, so What if your life is a perfectly written novel, written by a master writer? Consider there are five chapters in your life, divide your age by five.

Close your eyes. Be aware of your surroundings. Let go of any thoughts. Command your mind to come back and notice the sounds around you. Notice the rising and falling of your stomach with each deep breath. Relax back into a natural rhythm. Now that you are in more of a sage mode, gently contemplate each chapter of your life.

Chapter 1 - Age 1-10 (if you are 50)

What were the highlights of this period, If you had a traumatic experience, don't go into it, what were the big formative things that happened in that period? What were the gifts of that chapter could you bring into your life, any knowledge or strengths that you built that might help you in your life going forward? What strengths did you have, and what can you bring into your current life? Is there a name or title that describes this chapter of the perfectly written novel?

Chapter 2 - Age 10 - 20 (if you are 50)

In this second chapter of the perfectly written novel, what were the highlights, the formative and memorable things that affect you in this period? What were the gifts of knowledge, and what strengths did you grow as a result of this chapter? What gifts did you receive that could be used in how you serve today? Don't judge yourself if you can't remember.

Chapter 3 - Age 30-40 (if you are 50)

What were the formative, memorable things that had a lasting impact on this period? What are the gifts of this chapter in terms of knowledge, strengths or any other gifts that could affect the type of person you are today, the type of people you could serve today?

We are just exploring, we can decide later on how that impacts your niche, don't worry if you are not using these gifts today, everything you have ever done is preparing you for today. What could be helpful to someone you could coach today?

Chapter 4 - Age 40-50 (if you are 50)

What happened in this period that was significant, had an impact and could be seen as a gift in terms of knowledge, awareness or strengths, character or anything else helpful to how you coach and who you might coach today?

Chapter 5 - The chapter that brings you to the beginning of 2020 (Coronavirus) What were the memorable things that happened to you in this last chapter up until the Corona Virus? What are the gifts, strength, and power you learned that you get to bring into the coach that you are and who you might serve?

Chapter 6 - The Corona Virus Chapter

What knowledge, strengths, or circumstances as a result of the Coronavirus could be gifts for you that could determine how you coach or who you get to serve as a coach?

The next chapter

Imagine someone watching the movie of this novel, the hero that is you, you have seen what this hero has gone through, everything has been preparing this hero for what comes next, what is your expectation of what happens next? Something big is about to happen, what wants to happen next? Gently let your mind percolate on what this hero does next, all this preparation, how does the hero step into the next chapter, the population you will serve, and the impact you will have. What is worthy of this perfectly written novel? Who might you have an impact on? What is the magnitude of that impact? What is the title of this next chapter?

How do you feel about this next chapter? Your life's design. Coronavirus is launching you into your next chapter. Your Sage perspective sees everything as a gift and gets curious about how to bring it all together.

What did you discover? What was the impact of this exercise?

Exercise - Write down your chapters, with headings.

What are your daily practices? Where are you now so we can look at where we want to be? What do you believe can be measurable that might eventually lead to clients? Number of blogs written? Something that can be a measurable metric. Nothing that makes you anxious.

We start from Why. The big reason Why?

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