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The purpose of wealth

Money and wealth are different.

Wealth is making money while you sleep. Not true for money.

Lack of money will make you unhappy.

Most people struggle all the way through life.

Wealth is made from money generating assets.

Once you are free from food and shelter, you are free to focus on higher level ideals.

Try and fail.

Wealth allows you to fail more. Solve the wealth problem first. Get the safety net.

Freedom to explore - many people don't take the time to find out who they are

Interests change over time. Growth.

Explore the unknown. Be curious.

Pursue passion. Feel good inside. Time is valuable. Purpose of wealth is creating time to do what you want to explore.

Passions are necessary for a well lived live. Passions create an enjoyable exitance for yourself.

Freedom from self and society. The voice pushing you. Words of society, safe job, to fit.

Most peoples lives are wrapped up.

The true self, the other is dictated by society.

Don't feel the need to satisfy others.

Be alone. Silent. Enjoy the moment. Busier doesn't mean better.

If you solve wealth, make it a priority, use it to be free.


Wealth gives you the edge, medical costs, money buys you a better chance of physical security.

The rich pick their families up and move.

Security from poverty, pain and misery. Worries from putting food on the table.

What would happen if you became incapacitated?

Debt makes it worse.

Well paying jobs are not security from poverty.

Own things that appreciate rapidly.

Diversify. Property, shares, Bitcoin, multiple sources of income.

Security from black swan events.

Social security. Distance between you and the harm society can cause you. Elevation.

Mental, physical, emotional security.

Wealth can open doors. Welcomed everywhere it goes.

Comfort. Minimizing paid and misery.

Good food. Quality intake of nutrients. Food has an impact on comfort levels.

Shelter. Freedom and security. Your castle. Two thirds of your life spent here.

People are choosing to live in cages. Some live in slums.

Child development in a comfortable environment.

Growing up in poverty influences you.

Privacy. Comfortably away from societal problems.

Everything is monitored.

Fun as emotional comfort. Adventure, travel, toys.

Some work to live. Some live to work.

Most valuable memories are fun.

Comfort in a predicable future leads to happiness.

Happiness is the highest form of comfort.


The optimization of life. Adapt, evolve, survive to write the future, more fulfillment.

It starts with personal progress.

What is ahead is under your control. You change it. We decide who we want to be. Self improvement.

Study how the best do it. Emulate.

Change your present. Alter your future. You choose. You are your greatest resource. Invest in yourself.

You fix yourself, you fix the world later.

Seek progress, not perfection.

Get comfortable, get money first, get knowledge.

Measure wealth by the abundance of wealth around you.

Change things up, go bigger, go after larger impact goals.

Knowledge and insights helps you and your community.

Facilitate change in your community.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Progress through distribution. New tools and insights.

Deploy your solution en mass, and distribute globally.

The world improves. Mass distribution.

Use leverage of scale to help those you can.

You crave impact through utility.

Future progress. Finance the future.

Create a new future for everyone. Time effort creativity and money.

People want progress, society will back you.

Tackle the future, bend it. The lightbulb didn't come from the continuous iteration of the candle.

It starts with you. Wealth is fuel for progress.

Truth. We are hungry for it.

Shine a bigger light.

Race for resources.


Leave eternal impact. Silent but presence is felt. Happens as a result of adding value.

Do good work. People take notice.

Legacy through example. Be different.

The value lies in the journey.

Don't live on autopilot.

Be a trail blazer, a risk taker. Do it differently.

Be the first. Take people they have never been.


Spend on what will outlast you.

Save it. Save the animals, save art and architecture.

Rid ourselves of that which doesn't serve society.

Equality of opportunity.

What you leave behind.

Minimize suffering in all forms.

Good men do nothing, evil prevails.

Bring on the new wave.


Ignore, laugh, fight, win. Play the game.

Your reputation proceeds you. Be contrarian and be right.

Old men plant trees knowing they wont sit in their shade.

Discovery. Places we didn't know we wanted to go.


Standing on the shoulders of giants.

What is your legacy?

Everything is a choice. We become what we choose to become.

Staying ignorant is a choice.

Staying poor is a choice

Take a good look and make better choices.

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