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Suffering from Period Pain? I know a woman who can help

Updated: Apr 11

I have a friend, Christine-Marie - this is something that could help all women suffering from period pain. Here's what she says:

Hi Gavin--on a separate note outside of our sessions, right now, I am reaching out because I need your help:

I have a sustainable solution for period pain and PMS and am on a mission to help as any people suffering because of Menstruation as possible.

As you know, I used my proprietary process to assist myself, past clients, and continue to use it for my clients.

Would you be open to recommending me to three people who are struggling with period pain or PMS?

If so, can you put them in touch with me, via DM me or my email *removed* Sparrow Holistic Coaching

I would greatly appreciate it. I really want to positively impact the lives of other menstruators—thank you, I can’t do this alone!



Woman suffering period pain, cramps

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