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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I'm a 49-year-old male project manager with 20 years of business experience working for IT companies, telecoms and retail clients. I have my own business coach. I'm interested in helping people. Ethics is high on my values list, and your information remains private.

I will listen to you, ask you questions, and ultimately we are looking to make an improvement in an area of your life, that you choose.

Sessions are 30 min, and we can make progress in 5 sessions.

If you are interested I will set up an appointment with you to explain the process over Zoom, or Google Hangouts.

We start with a conversation about what you are looking to improve in your life. Coaching is looking forward, we are focused on solutions, and you decide what the solution is, I guide you through questioning, we agree on an action plan and I am your accountability partner, so we make small steps in the right direction.

If you are keen to discuss the coaching process, I can arrange a Zoom call with you at a time that suits you.

I'm a friend of Comensa and work to uphold the Comensa and ICF code of ethics.

Why is it only $66?

It's a low price for a limited time, I benefit by being of service in the career I am passionate about, and I may ask you for a testimonial when you feel the coaching was beneficial.

Why trust me?

I have a lot of business experience, I have planning experience and I have coaching experience, plus I'm committed to learning, having spent the last year focused on training and development.

Is there a catch?

No, we contract upfront for 5 sessions, if you feel you would benefit from more coaching we can discuss it. You should be able to make progress in 5 sessions and I'll be guided on an individual basis.

Am I a therapist?

No, if at a point I believe you might want a therapist I can refer you to one, but coaching is not therapy, mentoring, or consulting. It is possible to benefit from coaching by understanding your values, goals, and priorities, putting an action plan together, educating yourself and moving forward at a regular pace.

Have I got experience?

I currently have 10 clients and I'm looking to add more. The feedback has been very positive.

Ethical principles ..

Five values that I hold important are Achievement, Charity, Community, Enterprise and Independence.

Five values of execution or ways in which I behave are Caring, Guiding, Helpfulness, Honesty and Respect.

Five relational values I hold important are being accepting, friendly, non-judgmental, open-minded and polite.

Five virtues I admire are Commitment, Cooperation, Gratitude, Integrity and Reliability.

We create clear boundaries, keep matters confidential, display competence and don’t create dependencies.

We create a contract, discuss guidelines on confidentiality, and clarify roles.

I will refer clients to other specialists if I’m not qualified.

We create a clear exit strategy so there is no dependency on coaching.

We consider others, follow a Personal Code of Practice/Conduct and are bound by the COMENSA code of ethics.

We do not offer therapy, we can refer you.

We discuss deliverables, activities, costs, timescales and contract with you.

We have a duty of care and recognize the requirements of laws, legislation and the requirements of professional bodies.

Fee structure, invoicing and payment terms are discussed upfront.

We use established models and frameworks of practice.

We follow a six-step process to deal with ethical dilemmas, should they occur and have a complaints process to follow should the need arise.

We follow the principles of ethical intelligence, to do no harm, make things better, respect others, be fair and be loving.

Our actions consider the best consequences, adhere to independent moral rules and weigh up decisions to do the least harm.

We continue to improve our professional development through study and collaboration.

build up our emotional and ethical capacity and review regularly through reflective practice, which includes journaling.

We work with supervision to build excellence.

To ask further questions, feel free to WhatsApp me on 0835093303, and arrange a telephone call where I can explain in more detail.


Gavin Graeme

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