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Judgement - leads to suffering

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Other people must do the right thing and meet my expectations in order for them to be worthy. This is a fear of not feeling important. You may have unrealistic expectations of others, you may believe others are responsible for meeting your needs

You may resent others

You may be aggressive or violent

You may be intolerant

You may be a bully

You may be a nag

All people have value and a unique perspective of the world.

Do you need to direct your own life, and do other people's problems have anything to do with you?

You don't have the power to change other people.

Focusing on others takes away time from focusing on yourself.

Do you condemn people harshly?

The truth is you don't hold authority over other people and it's not your job to punish them.

It's ineffective.

When others make mistakes, punishment does not lead to resolution.

Humans make mistakes.

Everyone has a different perspective of what is right or wrong.

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