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It all starts with an idea

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

By Gavin Graeme

It all starts with an idea. Mine starts here. May 17 2021. I'm a 47 year old South African man. I have worked for banks for 10 years and IT and telecommunications companies before that. I' I've been wanting to set up a small business for over 10 years. In fact I registered a company in 2010. In the 11 years since I registered by small business I've failed a few times in getting of the ground. I think there are school fees that need to be paid when it comes to launching your own business. A good business model, passion for the business are key to success. My passion lies in training and coaching. In 2020 I got to change careers for a few months while out of work and unable to find new contracting positions due to lockdown restrictions. Using what I've learned over a 20 year career, I aim to help you improve your career, your life, help you find purpose and fly. Book a session and lets talk.

My view is that too many people are only one paycheck away from poverty. I've been there myself. This blog forms part of my effort to help you, the reader to navigate rough water, create room to grow and succeed, as fast as possible.

Where might you start? Perhaps start with increasing confidence? What do you need to have confidence in your ability? Often it takes additional education and training in a specialized area. What kind of education? That may largely depend on your particular core values and goals. Your ideas.

It might need to start with questioning yourself? What do I like? What am I good at? What value can I add? What do people want and need? What are my goals? What do I hope to achieve?

In 2004 I was introduced to a website called It appealed to me because for $20, I could get 2 audio books a month, which for me meant knowledge, education and entertainment. I realized that my style of learning was not mainly visual. I found I was an auditory learner. I also noticed a trend in the books that interested me. Most books were self help and self improvement and business related. Eleven years later I want to share some of that knowledge.

One the first audio books I purchased was Dale Carniegie's 'How to win friends and influence people'.

Some of the top ideas from the book in summary are:

  1. You cannot win an argument. Even if you win an argument you lose.

  2. Never tell another man he is wrong. Ask questions, about why people have a different view.

  3. Ask questions instead of giving orders. People think they have a choice.

  4. Remember names. Ask names more than once to learn their names.

  5. Talk in terms of others interests. Become genuinely interested in other people. People love to talk about themselves.

  6. Allow the other person to think the ideas was there's. If you don't need to take credit they will buy in. Make the guest sound good. Make it sound like their idea, give them the credit.

  7. Talk about your own mistakes before you criticize other people. Share something vulnerable. They are more likely not to get on the defensive. How do you give constructive criticism, don't use the word but, rather use 'and'.

  8. Use anchors if visual aids to make your ideas stick.

  9. What is in it for me? What's the incentive for me? All the best leaders have read the book, you will get some great ideas.

  10. Get the other person saying yes, yes yes. People are more likely to agree to your a smaller request before you ask your bigger question.

If you think this book sounds interesting, you may be able to get a free copy if you are a first time user, so check them out.

If you are interested in putting any ideas into practice in your own life through coaching, e-mail me at

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