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How to become highly productive

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Don't wait. Start now.

Don't waste time checking e-mail. Focus on work.

Include a call to action in your e-mail. Put your requirement in the heading.

Make a prioritized To do list. Categorize

Give each task a deadline, a time-limit.

Avoid speaking for more than 2 min in meetings, make sure others do the same.

Take breaks. Long hours slow you down. Mini-breaks increase productivity.

Eat somewhere other than at your desk. Give your eyes a break. Detach from work.

Work in your work clothes, get out of your pyjamas. Set the tone.

Use a time management app, track time. Know how much time you work. Stay focused.

Don't make assumptions skimming through documents. Make sure you understand the email, be sure you are doing what was required.

Avoid multi-tasking. Create time slots.

Don't be so busy. Being busy is not being productive.

Un-schedule, then re-schedule. Give yourself time.

Avoid quick fixes. Do the right job, right the first time. Make health choices.

Habits take time to break. Wine, smoking, junk food, bring down your stress, break habits, replace bad habits with good ones.

What is the worst habit you have that stands in the way of you being productive?

Don't compare yourself.

Focus on yourself. Be productive, make the right choices

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