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Habits to change your life

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Get affirmations that will help you change your life. A statement that means something to you. These statements will become your reality. A statement that you align with. Actions must be taken towards these affirmations. Document what you are grateful for. People, places, opportunities, family time. Write down what you are grateful for because it reminds you what you are focused on, your life starts to demonstrate what you tell yourself.

What you think about, visualization makes a difference. Your values dictate your future. No fantasies. Tell yourself you are at the right place at the right time. Make this your internal dialogue. Remind yourself how you want to live. Read through your high priority actions, make a checklist, read it twice a day, an internal dialogue that is clear, see it in your minds eye, a vision book, pictures of how you want your life, these become your truth, use your brain, thoughts, feelings, gratitude, love and presence to align yourself with your dream, be inspired, see it, say it, think it, know the priorities, increase your energy levels, do exercise, visualize, dialogue, think about your day ahead, identify priorities, do it daily, keep a record, every day be grateful, get a gratitude journal, drink water, eat well, eat to live, stick to a routine, be moderate, get more accomplished, delegate the low priority things, get into your executive center in your brain, articulate what you want to do, paint the picture of what you want to do, see it in your mind, make it your reality, use the power of your mind, your vision, create the reality, use your words of power, articulate what your life demonstrates you are committed to, delegate lower importance tasks, don't get trapped doing low priority things, eat the right amount, learn what works, schedule your day with your own agenda, distractions will take over, pay your wealth into your investments, go after challenges that inspire you, structure it, make statements, recite them, formalize it, develop it, see it. Use your brain, cut out the pictures of the places you want to go, the people you want to meet, don't do sugar, drink water, your brain is your greatest asset, get rest.

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