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Habits that make you rich

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Discipline is a big one, can you do the work required to get you there?

Define what it is you want to achieve, Evaluate what is needed to get you there, be realistic, eliminate doubts, fears, eliminate distractions. Prioritize your time, focus, make time for the pursuit of your goals. Track your progress. Anything that isn't monitored is harder to achieve. Be accountable, of find someone to hold you accountable - like a Life Coach.

Challenge yourself to be your best, pick a task or goals that is worth achieving. Have emotional Intelligence, perhaps learn more about it, on what it is and how it can help you.

Self motivation, work on being self motivated, its difficult to maintain motivation when no one is looking. Know your life goals, set reminders, get a vision board so you can see that goal and keep it fresh in your mind. Maintain focus, set aside some time daily to think about what it is you want to do next, early morning is great. 5am.

Reading is education, make sure you know the detail of what it is you are trying to achieve. education brings evolution of your main asset, which is you.

Think for the future, cultivate a mindset for the future, it could take 7-10 years to make really meaningful change.

Continuous learning is going to help you understand the world, make better decisions.

Know how to sell, easier said than done and that requires education and practice, commitment, rationalized persuasion, identifying the merits of exchange, and knowing the fundamentals of transaction.

People trade money for value more than what the money is worth. Outsource where possible, break down the process, get rid of repetitive tasks. Make sacrifices, either time or money to get the job done, one small step at a time.

Marketing gets you the audience you need, focus on the needs of the buyer, create solutions to problems.

Motivate and inspire through your marketing. Be genuine, people are attracted to honesty.

Money management keeps your head above water initially and keeps you liquid in the future. Look for multiple streams of income. Grow your money by not wasting it.

Quickly adapt to change, intelligence is the ability to adapt to change, be aware of what is changing and work to be on top of changes that are happening in your environment.

Bring in quality people to help you, often they have learned lessons which you can learn from without going through the pain and time it took them to learn. Your network is your net worth, grow a large following. You are the average of 5 people you most hang around with, so pick your associates wisely, find the right mentor. Be honest with yourself, be humble, and put in the work. These are some of the secrets to getting rich.

Be honest with yourself, be humble, and put in the work. These are some of the secrets to getting rich.

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