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Everybody needs a marketing plan

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Use different planning tools. Create a professional content calendar. Blogs, videos, Instagram, photos .. plan ahead, tie content together. Be organized, it helps you become more creative. You can still be spontaneous. Do it on paper, spreadsheets, Trello Kanban Board, a project on each card, categorize content. One card for each piece of content, use a template for video, headings: Intro, edit, promote, worksheet, links to other videos, description of video, sponsor, plan for approval, create the video, script, film, edit, upload to YouTube, tags, graphics, make a blogpost for every video. Having one place to consolidate establishes a professional presence. Be prepared, people will research you, all your stuff and links, duplicate template. Drop in new graphics, video links, schedule the post, have a go to professional place on the internet. Lists, imagine how the video will look, visuals needed, b-roll footage, shot-list, in order of how you plan to film it. Actionable insights, recommendations you plan to give. Design Instagram, schedule and use a feed planning app, Instagram is more spontaneous, column for each type of content, due dates, list of videos to focus on, colors, courses, book club, list of sponsors, calendar.

Set aside time to brainstorm, write, weekly blog tasks, behind the scenes column, newsletter, captions, new ideas, check off tasks that are done, brainstorm content ideas, plan photos that need to be taken, checklists for photos that need to be taken, plan ahead, set aside time, think about props, lighting, angles, Pinterest, reminders, holidays.

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