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Do you self sabotage? Stop!

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Stop yourself from being your own worst enemy

Are any of these adjectives describing you?


Victim Mentality


Over Achiever


Take time to learn how to train your mind to move away from your saboteurs, which everyone has to a greater or lesser degree, and use your mind to become more:





Science has proven that individuals, couples and organizations can all benefit from the Positive Intelligence Operating System that you can learn to upgrade your mind through daily practice and education.

A 7-week Foundation in Positive Intelligence Course is available to help guide you from being a saboteur of your own success towards using your 'sage powers' and becoming mentally fitter using "Positive Intellience" or "PQ Reps".

To discuss

Positive Intelligence with a coach, book a free 15 minute discussion at Book Online |

Hands outstretched forward depicting Stop Self Sabotage

For more information on Positive Intelligence check out this YouTube video with Positive founder Shirzad Chamine - Link - Know Your Saboteurs - TedEx Talk

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