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Dealing with Overwhelm

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  1. Ask for help from a loved one, call a trusted friend and talk about it

  2. Be kind to yourself

  3. Step away from the situation

  4. Write down why you are feeling overwhelmed, get structure to your thoughts

  5. Create healthy boundaries, create a "No, wont do "list, say no to chores or anything that takes time away from your mental health self care time

  6. Take a mental health day, call in sick for a day

  7. Book a session with a therapist

  8. Relax expectations on yourself, and others, don't expect as much as you do

  9. Get to bed early, sleep

  10. Watch something funny on TV

  11. Breath deeply

  12. Eat something healthy

  13. Have a shower

  14. Get some exercise, even a short amount of gentle exercise will work wonders

  15. Go and see a doctor or psychiatrist if you are feeling mentally ill

  16. Create a plan to get over your feeling of overwhelm, for example:

Action Plan to get out of this feeling of overwhelm:

1. Affirmations -

- I am a smart, powerful person, I am in control, I make good decisions that lead me to success

- I forgive myself for past inadequacies and mistakes, I am consciously aware of my decision making and consider my actions carefully, and with self-care in mind

- The more organized I become the better my chances of success, with this in mind, I choose to organize myself to a point where I can be successful

- I make changes to bad habits, and I will get more sleep, spend less time on social media and watching television, spend more time working on achieving my short term and medium term goals

- I have friends, and people who would support me if I really think about it, I recognize who they are and will reach out to them

- I am not weak, I am unique, I am Gods creation and I stand on this earth, willing to learn, and improve every day, as part of my life experience

- I put trust and faith in the universe, the energy of my ancestors and guardians, I trust they will keep me safe and guide me to making decisions in life, and in specific situations when I ask for guidance

- I get enough sleep and by subconscious mind helps me work through issues, I listen to myself and can choose the right path

- Today I will choose tasks that put me on the path to success, small habits done daily lead to long term success

- I am able to manage change, I embrace small changes as that is how I will grow from who I am today, to who I will be tomorrow

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