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Atomic habits summary

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Tiny changes change the trajectory of our lives. You are your habits. Tiny improvements create incredible change. Stress or negative self talk compound against you. Success is a result of daily habits. Small changes are not noticeable, people slip back into their old routines. Patience is required. Set specific, realistic goals. Use systems. Systems create winners. Systems help you make progress. Incremental positive daily decisions. change outcomes, change process, change identity. Focus on the person you want to become. Make it part of your identity. I'm a runner, I'm a musician, I'm a programmer, I'm a leader. Repeat habits enough times, Create feedback loops, que, craving, response, reward. Ques initiate bad habit loops. Make it obvious, become aware of your daily behaviors, daily, categorize positive, daily or neutral. People lack clarity, state your intention. I will read a book for 15 min daily at 8am. Stack habits. After I brush my teeth I will meditate for 10 min. Chain of habits, need a trigger que, like waking up, or brushing your teeth. Environment shapes habits, place the guitar in the room, not in the cupboard if you want to play guitar more. Make zones in you house for different uses. Put your phone in another room, remove junk food from your house if you are trying to lose weight. Make good habits more attractive. Dopamine levels rise, vital to motivation. Gambling addicts have a dopamine spike before they bet. The thinking and anticipation of the vacation can be better than the vacation. Craving causes us to take action. Temptation bundling. Group influences. We are influenced by people close to us. Join a book club if you want to read more. Underlying motives, drive us, habits are solutions to ancient desires. Fitness = health not fatigue. To break a bad habit make it unappealing. Repetition activates neural circuits. Reduce friction, read one page of a book every day. Make good habits more convenient. Increase friction associated with bad habits. Plan the night before to reduce friction. Find a 2 min rule for your habit. Get the routine anchored first. Create barriers for bad habit. Put remote in a difficult place if you wan to stop watching too much tv. What is rewarded and what is punished. Immediate results are unpleasant, add a little reward. Move marbles or a paper clip. Keep a habit tracker. Tracking becomes a reward. Cross items off a list. Just show up. Lost days hurt more. Don't break the chain. Get someone to hold you accountable. Habit contracts to hold you accountable. In writing. Enforce the contract. Complete a habit scorecard. Stack new good habits. Make ques more obvious. Design your environment, add ques to remind you, bundle with rewards, make it easy, use a two minute rule, show up, focus on small changes, systems will get you results, anchor habits, increase progression, decrease friction, don't get distraction, prime the environment, plan ahead the ritual begging's. Make sure you keep repeating, use a habit tracker, don't break the chain, take a photo and send to an accountability partner, remind yourself, don't focus on outcomes, remind yourself. Make a habit stack, use a trigger que, one space one use.

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