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Are you going through a major transition, or feeling stuck?

I am an active listener, I have 20+ years experience working in banks, IT, Telecommunications and Retail companies as a Senior Project Manager. I'm constantly learning and I invite you to become my partner in learning, as we navigate challenges together.

I have a growth mindset, I believe anything is possible and I like to make progress. I enjoy change and I've learned to adapt well.

I’m able to question in an open, honest and relaxed way.

I am ethical and consider best practices. Information remains confidential.

I am a friend of Comensa - a South African coaching industry body.


I qualified at the University of Cape Town, having completed 100 hours of coaching training.

I've recently done a 7-week course on Positive Intelligence, and

I'm enrolled in a Level 1 ICF course through who are recognized by Comensa and the International Coaching Federation, ICF.

I have learned how to make the most of what I have, put myself in a position to get ahead, to have the self-esteem and confidence to succeed, to do research, to make connections, to have a plan and follow through. These skills are transferrable, would you like to learn?


I go through a phased approach to coaching and recommend a minimum of 5 sessions to make significant progress.

I expect you to be open to coaching, Be committed to your growth, and be to be honest
I have an interest in all people, their stories and their future.
I'm sure I can add value to your life.

I'm available to a worldwide audience via video conferencing.

I'm ready to coach you, open for business. I'm relaxed, open and professional.
Lets turn things around for you, I ask a lot of questions aimed at getting you to question, direct yourself and discover options and choices.

My company website address can be found at
Let's kick off the process with a free 15-minute discussion.

Call me today on +27835093303.


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